Classes are conducted in both a formal and non-formal style, whereby the students are given directed instruction for large segments of each session, as well as time allowed for personal training at one’s own pace, “Hong Kong-style” as we like to call it. This can involve solo training, such as working on forms or individual skills and the use of training equipment (wall bags, wooden dummy,etc), or working with a partner on specific drills to enhance overall skills and attributes.

In the early stages of a students’ development, more emphasis is placed upon formal training to ensure that all concepts and technical information is thoroughly understood. This kind of directed training allows the student to build up their skill base in a step-by-step fashion, thus guaranteeing that every action/concept is performed as accurately as possible before moving on to more difficult actions/ concepts, whether in solo practice or with partners.

The nature of ‘WSL Ving Tsun Combat Science’ is such that reality always plays a major part in the training. That being the case, there is always an emphasis placed upon street application, with regular pressure-testing being undertaken to develop and maintain the most effective level of skill. As such, there is a certain level of contact involved in class to build up the confidence of the students and to both ensure and maintain that they remain focussed upon the fact that ‘WSLVT’ is a true combat system designed primarily to deal with the reality of street violence, as opposed to a competitive or fitness orientated martial art system.

We cater for both new and experienced learners, with classes designed and conducted to suit all levels of ability. Accordingly, we welcome new students to join us at anytime and there is no need to pre-book or sign on to a waiting list prior to commencing training – simply come along to the class time/venue that suits you and we can get you started. We do, however, prefer to accept students over 14 years of age and cannot cater for younger children, mainly due to the realistic nature of the training involved and the general philosophy of ‘WSLVT’ that demands a very serious approach to every class.


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